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Seaweed Body Wrap is a wrap that can easily be applied at home.

Using the wrap helps to promote:

  • Increased Sweating Process
  • Toxin Removal
  • Promotes Weight Loss

Compression wraps go hand in hand with waist training.  Using the sauna cream and compression wrap is not only anti-inflammatory but the compression wrap stimulations diffusion.  It’s a thermogenic wrap tackling cellulite with cream to penetrate problematic areas of your midsection. This helps with tightening your abdominal area and eliminates cellulite and fatty cells.

To Use Simply:

  • Apply Our Firming Sauna Gel
  • Wrap Around Your Waist
  • Lost Inches 
  • Pair with our slimming cream for better results. 

Contouring Seaweed Plastic Body Wrap

SKU: 1234569
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